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Pole cups are a useful addition to your match fishing kit, giving you the ability to easily introduce free bait in the same area as you’ll be landing your hookbait, drawing the fish to the right area, and encouraging them to relax, and expect more of the same food they’ve been grubbing around at – an expectation you’ll meet perfectly with the precision placement of your hookbait that fishing with a pole set up allows.

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SLIK Elastic is a revolutionary new elastic range offering the perfect hybrid between solid and hollow. It offers all of the advantages of hollow elastic without the possibility of flattening or air bubbles. SLIK offers unrivalled stretch properties with ultra-quick retraction. Super smooth coated finish creates minimal friction for perfect performance in all weathers.

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Matrix Flexible Toss Pots, Designed and tested in conjunction with Jamie Hughes. Available in three sizes Small/Medium/Large. Each pot is supplied with an Extender, Sprinkle Lid and Drip Lid.