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This is a bait preparation, storage and drainage aid that fit neatly inside Guru Bait Boxes. These are perfect for use with any bait that involves soaking or covering with water, as you can quickly and easily remove the bait from water by lifting the strainer out of the tub when required.

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“You can’t reinvent a bait box,” Adam Rooney explains, “However, we all use bait boxes and as the Guru band grows, a simple range of boxes meeting our team’s requirements makes a nice edition to the range.

Product available with different options

Available in 3 sizes, 1.1pt, 2.2pt & 3.3pt the new bait boxes are perfect for keeping live baits fresh thanks to the breathable easy fit rubber sealed lid. The lids are also translucent to enable quick identification of contents and are made from a shock resistant hard wearing plastic.

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These new solid top bait boxes are made from shock resistant plastic and feature flexible rubber sealed lids for a perfect fit. The solid top prevents liquid getting in or out making them perfect for moist baits like sweetcorn or keeping perishables dry. Available in 4 sizes 1.1pt, 2.2pt, 3.3pt & 1ltr Compact.

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In keeping with the RidgeMonkey trend for efficiency and convenience, the Compact Bucket System is no ordinary storage space. It comes equipped with a removable shallow internal tray, further split into three individual sections and featuring its own lid which allows the tray to be used as a completely standalone storage and organisation solution.
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200(h) x 235(w) x 215(d)mm, approx total capacity 7.5 litres

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  • Improves contrast and definition. Ideal for fish spotting and focus on pole floats.
  • Eliminates surface glare reducing strain on eyes.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.
  • Lightweight wrap around frame with soft rubber nose pad and ear tips for comfort
  • Supplied with EVA hardcase and micro-fiber lens cloth

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Our improved groundbait bowl set includes a new welded 3m rubber mesh riddle, sized perfectly for use with big fish groundbaits and natural baits like maggots and worms. Includes carry handle. Inner tray sits snugly in the top, to allow baits to pass through naturally as required. 25cm x 15cm