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Ideal for mixing groundbait as well as a range of other bankside chores, the Fox Collapsible Bucket features a rigid top ring, which holds the bucket stable when you want to use it, and allows it to be completely collapsed down when you’re ready to pack up and head home.

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A smart pair of 100% cotton towels with stylish RidgeMonkey branding. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat or just need to dry your equipment, these designer towels get the job done and features a discreet loop to allow easy hanging almost anywhere that takes your fancy...

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Mark your fishing spots quickly and easily: simply attach your chosen anchor weight, drop the RotaBlock Marker Float from
the side of a boat and the self-levelling RotaBlock system will automatically find the correct depth. Once the RotaBlock has
settled, simply unwind a further two feet of cord to allow for wind & chop, lock the body with the sliding pin and leave the
marker permanently in place until it is time to collect it. Mini & Midi come complete with a 10 metre (30ft) anchor cord,
Maxi comes supplied with 20m (66ft) anchor cord, 2x removable ReflectaStems (Maxi) and a neoprene carry case.

RotaBlock Marker Midi / Mini
• Super buoyant ABS construction
• Self-levelling anchor system
• Protected registered design
• Reflective Strips for ease of finding
with a headtorch at night.