Marker Floats

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The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting long distances and is also incredibly buoyant too
Two-part moulded body that has been chemically welded to ensure consistent buoyancy
High impact resistant plastic construction with flexible flights to ensure product longevity
Kit option also available

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Constructed from the highest quality wood to ensure that it pops up even at extreme ranges. Its thin diameter and uniquely shaped flights makes it very stable when casting in windy conditions. The plastic base cap increased durability when coming into contact with gravel bars & weed beds.

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BASIX Distance Sticks have a stainless-steel point to allow them to easily be pushed or screwed into the ground, and includes a green cord of exactly 12ft in length so that they can easily be set the same distance apart each time. A T-bar is supplied to ensure they go intoalmost any ground with ease