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The Fox Safety Carp Sack has been designed to ensure maximum protection and security if you really have to sack a carp for any reason. Not only will you find fish-friendly mesh and a secure zip clip system but also a specially moulded high visibility H-Block marker so you always know exactly where your sack is...

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The classic Nash design now revamped with an all mesh construction to reduce weight, improve water exchange for carp comfort and offer faster drying and reduced transport dimensions...

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These Fox CARPMASTER STR WEIGH SLING is designed for a short Term Retention weigh sling designed to safely retain your carp prior to weighing/photographs

Full length HD foam along each arm for buoyancy

Reduced diameter foam ensure slings roll up more compact

Top mesh panel allows you to view the fish at all times

Full length double zips fastened with a clip to ensure fish security

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No matter your angling discipline, fish care has to be one of your most important considerations. However, this can’t be truer than of carp fishing and if you’re someone who likes to target huge double figure species then fish care really is imperative to the continued growth of your quarry. As a team of dedicated carp anglers, this is something that Trakker deeply understands and it is why the brand has its own dedicated carp care range: Sanctuary.

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A buoyant version of our top selling carp slings. Constructed from our fish freindly, strong and quick drying Aquatexx® material, this weigh sling is slightly smaller than the XL version and suited to fish up to 40lb.

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Mark your fishing spots quickly and easily: simply attach your chosen anchor weight, drop the RotaBlock Marker Float from
the side of a boat and the self-levelling RotaBlock system will automatically find the correct depth. Once the RotaBlock has
settled, simply unwind a further two feet of cord to allow for wind & chop, lock the body with the sliding pin and leave the
marker permanently in place until it is time to collect it. Mini & Midi come complete with a 10 metre (30ft) anchor cord,
Maxi comes supplied with 20m (66ft) anchor cord, 2x removable ReflectaStems (Maxi) and a neoprene carry case.
Compatible with illuminated MarkaLite stems, available separately